Friday, January 29, 2010

Promises Kept

Two years ago I met Jawad Aslam in New York City. Jawad had just completed his fellowship with Acumen Fund where he was working at a low income housing development in Pakistan. At the time Jawad was headed back to Pakistan to start his own management company to build housing for the poor.

Jawad is just one of those people you admire from the moment you encounter them. And it was our shared belief that the world can and will be a better place which became the foundation of our lasting friendship. He invited me to Pakistan to see his vision. I accepted.

Today I visited Jawad at the site of his development. It is amazing to see what one individual can accomplish. He has given life to barren land and built a community no one thought possible. And he has build a management company that will continue his work across Pakistan..

As we drove away from his development, I could not help but think that sometimes you just have to take that plunge because at the end of the day it is one spark that ignites the fire.. and you never know when that spark just may be you.

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